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We’re not here to tell you about IoT and fintech. We’d rather show our expertise in these areas through our projects and clients.

Zero unneeded red tape, maximum focus on end results and deadlines.
michael khazhinsky
IoT products

iot services

Over the years we’ve tackled several major projects in the field, from telemetrica data collection interfaces for a major telecom company to pioneering tools for driving habits data analysis for insurance companies.


Our extensive experience with different products and services ranges from online banking to acquiring services to trading platforms. We understand all the trends and underlying processes when it comes to modern financial instruments.


As avid fitness fans, we have set up and supported our own sports tracker that went on to become a social platform for a community of 70 thousand users. For us, pace, cadence, watts, elevation, heart rate, and calories are not just metrics but a way of life.

productive tools

While growing and managing our business, we have developed original productive tools that help us in our everyday lives. This has allowed us to improve our skill sets in performance marketing and launching of public services.


When all you have is an idea for a product or service, we’re ready to take on all the heavy lifting—starting from audience research and usage scenarios, and prototype testing, to design and development.

We work globally, developing interfaces and components for digital services, both for our own venture projects, and on commission.

technologies stack
  • react
  • node js
  • php
  • mysql
  • symfony
  • sass
  • html5
  • webpack
  1. working remotely

    Don’t let remote work scare you! Working remotely can boost productivity and efficiency. Our experience guarantees consistent and transparent workflow.

  2. digital products for the real world

    Lorem ipsum and made-up figures are not who we are. We always look at hard data, which allows for flexibility, staying in touch with reality, and attention to detail.

  3. time and cost efficiency

    MVP. Everything your product needs, nothing it doesn’t.

    1 week
    1 weeks
    5—8 weeks
    ui mockup & development
  4. value your time and money like our own

    Developing original products for our own needs helps us understand your needs better.

Developing our own original products and services helps us understand our clients’ needs better.
karl.png karl plaude
design lead

We value flexibility. When working with us, our clients are free to choose a suitable plan based on their budget, timeframe, and other criteria.

  1. our side
    Design + Front-end
    client's side
  2. full stack on our side
    Design + Front-end + Development

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