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Intouch. Pay less for car insurance

Intouch Smart Insurance lets you save money on car insurance. It is a specialized service that analyzes your driving habits and assigns an individual risk level based on this data. The lower the level, the lower your insurance payments.

The service consists of a special tracking device and a mobile app. There’s also a web interface for a more convenient analysis display.

Our contributions
  • prototype
  • analysis
  • product design
  • interface
  • mobile apps
  • front-end
  • consulting


This little thing integrates simply and seamlessly with your car and starts tracking acceleration, braking, speed and fuel usage. It has built-in GPS and GLONASS sensors to track the car’s position. Collected data is uploaded to the cloud via GSM module in real-time, so it’s always accessible via web or mobile application. The device was developed by the telematics service provider Mobile Park


When driving, tracker can spot an unusual maneuver and inform about a potential accident. It also has some safety features, letting you know there your car is at every moment.

web interface

While designing the layout, we clearly visualized that it needed to have two main parts: a map with your car pinned to it, and a ride-feed. 

While prototyping the system, it was necessary to design an interface that would mirror the logic and usability of the mobile app.

karl.png karl plaude
design lead

Every trip has its own driving score from 1 to 10, depending on how carefully you drive. Trip information comes with useful data: duration, GPS map track, fuel usage and how many times you made sharp accelerations and brakings. You can scroll the ride-feed and see the picture for the whole day. 

Summary information is displayed in header, and includes average driving score.


And a score chart with ride history.


The interface is very simple to use. For first-time users, we designed onboarding screens with helpful instructions.


iOS and Android apps

Intouch mobile applications have the same functionality as the web interface. The ride-feed is very similar to your Facebook feed, and interaction is instantly familiar — no user manuals needed.

Service launch was followed by a major Smart Insurance app advertising campaign on TV.

edgar.png edgars francmanis
project lead

Intouch Smart Insurance interface design was created for Mobile Park — a developer and provider of telematic services.

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